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V2 Cigs scored top marks in many of our tests and compared well with competing e cig brands.

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About V2 Cigs

Based out of the USA, V2 Cigs (Vapour2 in Europe) are one of the longest standing e cigarette brands in the world, being one of the first to offer mini e cigarette kits to the masses.

Moving on a few years V2 still offer there cig-a-like starter kit but have also developed some great vape devices to help vapers progress and stay off the cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Product Overview

V2 Cigs offer three main categories of e cigarettes and vaporizers.

For the new user:

V2 Cigs Starter Kit

V2 Cigs Coupon CodeThis kit offers a familiar experience to cigarettes for smokers making the switch to vaping.

There are numerous options available from tester kits to kits that have portable charging cases that allow you to charge your e cig battery when you are on the move.

They also have the option to buy refillable cartridges so you can use your own e liquid which is a great feature not seen in many other cig a like kits. The V2 coupons above can be used on all these products as long as you’re a customer.

V2 Pro Series 3V2 Cigs coupon code

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a vape pen starter kit that has been developed by V2. This is not a generic vape device.

This offers the ability to use e liquid, dry herb and wax by way of different cartridges so a great option if you have use for the latter 2.

As an e liquid vape pen it does a superb job providing good flavor and vapor production.

What I really like about the V2 Pro Series 3 is the magnetic connection that fits the tank to the battery. It’s super simple to use for new vapers and does away with any threading so often seen on other vape pens.

V2 Pro Series 7V2 Cigs discount code

This is V2’s stand out product. Not the cheapest for sure but this is their standout vaporizer product and for good reason.

Offering variable voltage or temperature to customize your settings and cartridges for three vaping mediums; e liquid, loose leaf and wax.

The performance is stellar with the Pro Series 7 and if you are going to be vaping more than one medium then this is the device to go for. Not the cheapest but with use of the discount you can save that little bit more.

Vapor CoutureVapor Couture Coupon Code

Vapor Couture is an e cig kit targeted towards female vapers. Slim and slender lines, attractive colors and and fashionable accessories makes this the perfect kit for the ladies out there.

V2 E LiquidV2 Cigs Promo Code

V2 are not just a producer of hardware. They also manufacture one of the largest e liquid lines on the market with their V2 Platinum range.

All V2 liquid is made using the highest quality ingredients in lab conditions. V2 also go the extra mile and batch test all of their e juices so you can be sure you are buying quality every time.

So that is a brief overview, there are a number of ways you can customize all of the above which sets V2 Cigs apart from the competition.

Be sure to make use of the V2 Cigs coupon codes and vouchers above to save 10% off your entire order value.

These discount codes can also be used again and again for further savings when buying replacement cartridges and e liquid.

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