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SKYCIG Freedom – One of the Most Popular But is it Any Good?

Please Take note! Sky Cig is now Blu Cigs! Just in case you were wandering why the links go to a different brand page. Check out our Blu Cigs review.

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SKYCIG and E-Lites seem to be battling it out commercially to be the biggest e cig brand in the UK. Both are becoming widely available in stores across the UK, both have released TV adverts and both have sponsorship deals in motorsports.

It really is a bit of a head to head, who is winning though I don’t know, all I can do is compare the E-Lites and SKYCIG product.

I have just about completed my E-lites review when the SKYCIG Freedom starter kit popped through the door, I have been using it for a few days now so have a pretty good sense of how good/or not so good this e cigarette is. Lets get on with the review….

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The SKYCIG Freedom E Cigarette comes in a solid presentation box and includes the following :

  • PCC (Portable Charging Case)
  • 2 Batteries
  • 5 Cartomisers
  • Charger for the PCC

Battery/ Responsiveness

The 2 batteries that come with the SKYCIG kit are a lot smaller than the E-Lites batteries, not quite the same size as a cigarette but not far off. They are a similar width but a touch longer.

The first thing I noticed is that the battery is quite lightweight which is good. Now don’t be expecting this to be a similar weight to a cigarette, it’s not, although it is possible to just have this in your mouth whilst vaping and typing, just like what I’m doing now!skycig size comparison

The actual feel of the battery is also good, it has a smooth finish that is nice in the hand. As for performance, when taking a drag I found the battery was very reactive and I didn’t find myself having to take any ‘primer’ drags to get things going so all good there. The only real downside for me with these batteries is that due to the size the length of time they last isn’t good at all, after a few charges I was getting about an hours vaping time until I was charging them up again. This is however the reason the PCC (portable charging case) is included in this and most other mini e cig kits.


SKYCIG Freedom PCCWithout the PCC then SKYCIG would be a real pain in the backside to use, the constant swapping of batteries to charge throughout the day I think would be too much for me o handle!

The PCC does address this somewhat. Once the PCC itself is charged it should have enough power in it to charge around 4-5 full batteries. There are a couple of ways you can utilise the PCC.

The first is to use your e cig battery until it runs out then charge the battery in the case, at this point you would use the spare battery in the same way and alternate.

The second is to put your battery back on charge in the case in between vapes so that it is always being topped up. Just remember alway make sure your PCC is fully charged before you go out of the house! 

I also received a separate USB charger for the batteries alone which I was using at home without having to use the PCC to charge.

The case itself is a decent design, I still prefer the Jacvapour PCC for it’s design but the SKYCIG PCC still does the trick. It holds 3 cartomisers and two batteries with one of them charging. To charge a battery its a simple case of pushing the battery down gently into the charging slot. No screwing in necessary! A blue light will illuminate on the side of the case. This indicates the battery is charging. When complete the blue light on the case will flash then go out. At this point your e cig battery is fully charged and ready to use, nice and easy.

Overall – The battery life isn’t good although the PCC goes some way to addressing this but for me I found I was having to swap batteries a touch too regularly for my liking. The actual performance of the battery was good though and it had a nice handle.


The SKYCIG Freedom kit comes with a taster selection of flavours in a 12mg nicotine strength, which are Tobacco Gold, Classic Tobacco, Crown Tobacco, Crown Menthol and Crown Cherry.

SKYCIG Freedom Battery & CartomiserFirst up to try for me was the Tobacco Gold. I really liked this flavour, it was a smooth flavour with a hint of sweetness but not so much to be sickly. The vapour volume was good.

The Classic Tobacco was slightly fuller in flavour, I could feel this more on the back of my throat. SKYCIG describe it as being a nutty/smoaky flavour, either way I found this to be a pleasant vape as well.

The Crown Tobacco is the flavour I remember when I first tried SKYCIGS a couple of years back, it has a taste of the coffee flavoured chocolates that used to be left until last in the box of chocolates you would have at Christmas! It’s a strange one and whilst it is easy enough to vape it is my least favourite of the three tobacco flavours. I also had a problem with my cartomiser where it simply stopped producing any vapour after around half an hour of use so not great on that fromt and hopefully an isolated incident.

Skycig cartomisersThe Crown Menthol flavour is a decent version of a flavour I vape often. It leaves you with the nice ice mint sensation as an aftertaste and while this is not  the best menthol flavour I have tried it is certainly ‘vapeable’. Again I also got a decent vapour volume and the throat hit was just about right for my tastes.

The last flavour in the pack is the Crown Cherry, this is gives off quite a rich yet sweet cherry flavour that I quite liked but it would be a flavour I go back to now and then rather than an all day vape. Again as with all the flavours the vapour volume was good.

So that is five out of the seven available flavours with the other two being cinnamon and vanilla. When it comes to buying refills they start at £10.95 and get slightly cheaper the more you buy, 4 packs work out at £8.95 each. Not a bad price, I’d say a touch above average for pre-filled cartomisers but if you compare them to E-Lites they look extremely good value!

It is also claimed that each cartridge will last around 30 cigarettes but I would take this with a pinch of salt. This number will vary for everyone but I personally was getting around half this amount based on around 120-130 puffs per cartomiser.

Overall – The flavours I tried were good apart from the Crown Tobacco, I didn’t like this flavour and to add to that the cartomiser stopped working after around 30 minutes of use. Vapour volume on all was good as well.

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Discount Codes

For the latest SKYCIG discount code, either click the link or scroll back to the top of the page for the voucher.

SKYCIG Guarantee/Warranty

Sky Cig offer a 7 day return for unused and unopened products and a 30 day refund for Skycig Freedom and Skycig Start Packs. There is also a warranty but it is best to read the full terms over on their website.

Bottom Line

The SKYCIG Freedom kit had its ups and downs for me, the main negative for me is the life of the batteries. Being a mini e cig and being on the smaller end of the scale they do need recharging on a regular basis. Yes there is a PCC that does go some way to help with this but it is for me just too much swapping and changing going on.

On the plus side, I enjoyed the flavours (apart from the Crown Tobacco) and think there is something there for most new e cig users. Having said that there are better options out there for my money with both the Green Smoke and Jacvapour V1P kits providing more in terms of overall quality.

Final SKYCIG Freedom Review Verdict

SkyCig Freedom Starter Kit: Not bad but when compared to competing brands it still falls some way behind.

SKYCIG Freedom Review, 2.6 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
3 Responses to “SKYCIG Freedom Review”

  1. Ratings
    battery life is useless,usb charger dont work half the time
    Bottom Line

    avoid it

  2. Jennie says:  
    Vapor Production
    Build Quality
    Customer Service
    Shipping Speed
    Good slection of flavours online, lightweight, easy to use, good availability in shops
    I hear the battery life isn't great, though I can't compare myself as this is the first rechargeable device I've bought.
    Bottom Line

    This is the first rechargeable e-cigarette I’ve bought and I think it does a great job. I expected the starter kit to be £20 as it was online when I first looked it up but I got it half price in the newsagents I went to. I know there are kits and cartridges out there that are cheaper overall; however I was looking for something I could buy locally instead of waiting for deliveries or having to buy in bulk and compared to the other available brands like Vype and NJoy the pricing for these is excellent. Well packaged and easy to use for a beginner. I was a light, occasional smoker before switching to these; they satisfy my personal nicotine craving when I get them and the flavours are just fine. Overall I’m very satisfied with these.

  3. Patrick says:  
    Vapor Production
    Build Quality
    Customer Service
    Shipping Speed
    First e-cig it was nice
    Battery issues, not much smoke, delivery very slow..
    Bottom Line

    I am not really happy with the product that I received.

    I had to wait for a while (8 days), smoke wasn’t all that…

    I had to charge it all the time..

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