Mini E Cigs

V2 Cigs

Look no further for the latest V2 Cigs review. As with all other e cig reviews we have actually used this e cig and share our thoughts with you.
Price: £39.99
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Epuffer Magnum Snaps

The Epuffer Magnum Snaps E kit offers an out of the box e cigarette kit for new vapers. But how does it perform?
Price: £49.95
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Jacvapour V1P

Jacvapour offer all kinds of options with their V1P starter kit but does that make it the right e cig kit for you? Take a look...
Price: £35.99
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Vapestick XL

Vapestick have updated their e cig offering but have they improved it? Take a look at our review of the XL starter kit.
Price: £42.99
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Gamucci are a big player in the e cig world but does that mean they are one of the best? We take a look at the Gamucci Deluxe kit to help answer this question.
Price: £39.99
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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke are another big US brand to cross the pond. Is their offering good? We think it could be a lot better.
Price: £59.99
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VIP Electronic Cigarette

The VIP electronic cigarette has been around for a number of years but does that make this a must have e cig? Find out here.
Price: £10
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SKYCIG Freedom

The Skycig Freedom kit is the main starter kit package aimed at taking on E-Lites but does it stand up to them or indeed any other e cigarettes on test? Find out here.
Price: £49.99
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E-Lites were one of the first UK e cig brands and are without doubt one of the best known. But are they any good? take a look at our hands on review...
Price: £64.99
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Vype Reload

British American Tobacco have entered the e cig market with the Vype product. Does it live upto the hype though?
Price: £14.99
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