JAC Vapour Series E Review

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  • Batteries: 1
  • Carts: 1
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  • Length: 14.9cm
  • Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days
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Jac Vapour Introduce New Electronic Cigarette, The Series E.

If you are reading this then it is likely you have heard of the brand JAC Vapour.

Maybe you are already a customer and with e cigarette kits such as the V1P PCC and 510 starter kits I would take a guess and say you are a happy customer.

When I first heard of the Series E e cigarette Jacvapour were planning on releasing I wasn’t too sure where this would fit in with the products they have. Would this be an improvement on what they already had? Would it be different enough for current customers to want to buy? Well now I have my hand on the starter kit I will do my best to answer.

This product was received free of charge but my views on this product will be my own.

UPDATE: The Series S is the replacement vape pen for the Series E. An improvement in everyway and one of the best vape pens we have used this year.

What’s In The Series E Box?

This kit comes with a nice little plastic carry case that has the following:

  • 1 X Series E Battery (1000 mAh – 510/EGO/EVOD Thread)
  • 1 X Aero Tank 3 or Pro Tank 3 or Genitank. (Choice is yours)
  • 2 spare coils
  • USB Charger


Out of the box, first impressions are that this is a really solid e cig that is slightly chunkier than the standard e-pwns/EGO’s that you may be used to.

It feels great in the hand and with the Aerotank on top has a nice balanced weight that is nice to hold.

Series E Battery From Jac Vapour

The solid feel is complimented well by a sleek design with subtle branding and flush power button that for me looks and feels far better than standard ego batteries with their protruding buttons.

The battery also supports most types of clearomiser tanks available with the popular 510/EGO threading.

JAC Vapour Series E Starter Kit

If you have a VGO2 e cig from Jacvapour the tanks won’t fit on the Series E. Jacvapour may release an adapter soon but as of yet I can’t see one.

If you are currently using one of the Jacvapour 510 or VGO2 e cigarettes then the first difference you will see is the size.

The Series E is a chunky device in comparison due to the increased 1000 mAh battery capacity.

There isn’t much in the length as can be seen from the images and after a day or two of use I didn’t personally notice the difference.

JAC Vapour Battery size comparison

Performance of the Series E

The 1000 mAh variable voltage battery isn’t huge in this day and age of e cigarettes but it definitely does it’s job.

The Series E was easily seeing me through a full day of vaping and as a moderate vaper that’s all good for me.

This will of course change depending on the type of vaper you are and what voltage setting you choose to vape. I was mainly vaping at 4.2v. 


There are only three voltage settings but for most e cig users that just want a straightforward, easy to use device this is enough.

The three options are changed by pressing the power button 3 times. This will change to the following settings.

  1. 4.8V – White light around power button
  2. 4.2V – Green light around power button
  3. 3.7V – Red light around power button

More advanced vapers may see these voltage selections as too limiting, as mentioned before though these will provide enough variety and difference in vaping for those that want a straight forward e cigarette.

As a general rule of thumb the higher the voltage the warmer the vape, the lower voltage gives a cooler vape.

Series E in the hand

Other features of the Jac Vapour Series E include the the 5 click on & off function.

Spare batteries.

If you want a backup or your battery simply needs replacing then you will be looking at a price of £18.99.

I always recommend a second battery to use in rotation or for emergencies, if you decide to go for one you can actually add a spare battery to the starter kit and this will only cost around £10.

So if this is an option be sure to making the saving on your initial purchase!


The only thing that jumps out at me is the way the different voltage settings are selected.

The standard on these types of battery are generally the ‘wheel selector’ rather than the three clicks.

Not a huge deal and to be fair once my preferred setting was found I didn’t find myself changing it on a regular basis anyway.

Overall – Great quality battery, the Series E has a top feel in the hand. The size is good for the battery capacity as well. Overall no complaints or issues.

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There are a few choices when it comes to clearomiser tanks for the Jacvapour Series E.

Those tanks are the Pro tank, Geni-tank and Aero tank.

I received the Aerotank as this is my favourite out of the three. On top of the Series E battery it looks great.

Jacvapour Series E Review

If you already have a 510/EGO threaded clearomiser/tank then Jac Vapour give you the option to buy a battery only kit which is good for those with a collection of tanks.

The Aerotank performs a treat, the tank is made by e cig giant Kangertech and although it has been out for a while now it still gets top marks.

For vapers new to tank systems like this rest assured filling becomes second nature after a few days.

When you get the tank, in fact any tank, I highly recommend taking them apart (prior to filling) just so you can get a good idea of how everything works. This will make things so much easier!


There is no E-liquid as standard with the kit so you need to make sure you add some at checkout if you don’t have any.

Luckily, Jacvapour have some excellent UK made e-liquid flavours. The Real Raspberry and Banana Milkshake are very tasty indeed! These can be added for £4.99 per bottle.

I am vaping the Real Raspberry with this kit and the flavours come through really well with an impressive vapour volume. No complaints on this front.

Vaping the JAC Vapour Series E

When do you need to replace the Series E tank or parts.

The bonus with the Aerotank is that you only need to replace the coils, not the entire tank.

The coils are available in 1.5 and 1.8 Ohm resistance and cost £1.99 if five are purchased together of £2.25 each.

Each coil should last around 10 refills so overall works out to be very cost effective.

If you want a spare Aerotank this will set you back £18.99, if you have an accident with the glass then you can buy a replacement for £3.99.

Overall – Fanastic performance from the Aerotank, I for one am a big fan of this tank.

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We have an exclusive 5% discount code for Jac Vapour that can be used for money off the Series E as well as all other products now and in the future on Jacvapour.

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Jacvapour Customer Service

One of the best in the industry. Can be contacted via email and social media channels.

Jacvapour Guarantee/Warranty

There is a 14 day refund period offered by Jacvapour as well as warranties on batteries and other devices. Please check their website for up-to date T&C’s.

Series E Review – Overall

Jacvapour have definitely hit another home run with the Series E. If you are looking for a step up from the standard EGO type e cigs then this is highly recommended.

The Good

  • Great sleek look
  • Superb build quality.
  • The 1000 mAh battery life is very good.
  • Still very portable despite the increased battery capacity
  • 510/EGO thread connection allows you to use a huge variety of compatible tanks.
  • The Aerotank provided both great Flavour & Vapour.
  • Suitable for all types of vaper.

The not so good

  • Only three voltage options, may be too limite for more advanced users.

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Final Jacvapour Series E Review verdict:

Superb: Highly Recommended

JAC Vapour Series E Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
One Response to “JAC Vapour Series E Review”

  1. Paul Marshall says:  
    Vapor Production
    Build Quality
    Customer Service
    Shipping Speed
    Mostly everything. Easy to fill. Good vape with airflow and vapour production variable to suit your own preferences. Very compact for a 1000mah battery. Clean taste. Easy to fill
    Gets through more juice than an ego or standard evod due to increased vapour production. Stainless steel drip tip is too narrow and feels cold on the lips.
    What cigarettes do you / did you smoke?
    Malboro Lights
    How many did you smoke per day?
    Do you still smoke? If so how many per day?
    Bottom Line

    I’ve tried disposable e-cigs and then re-chargeable cigalikes. Always felt a little dissatisfied with them and longed for a real cigarette.

    Moved on to a standard evod, but found the taste with the plastic tanks to be a bit ‘plasticy’ and the standard 650mah batteries meant carrying another bulky spare to last through the day. The larger mah batteries were too long to fit comfortably in a pocket and the vapour production was often not enough when using certain thicker e-liquids.

    Decided to try the JacVapour series E and am really pleased with it. The battery, whilst a little wider than the standard evods, is short enough to fit in pocket with the aerotank v2 fitted. It also comes with a hard case, which again is short enough to fit in a pocket, along with a spare tank or battery if I’m going away for a couple of days. A single battery lasts comfortably through a day of relatively heavy use.

    The variable voltage gives just enough flexibility to keep a consistent amount of vapour with whatever thickness of e-liquid you use and the adjustable airflow of the aerotank avoids the problems that I had with the cigalike cartomisers (have to suck so hard that your cheeks cave in) or alternatively the unsatisfying airy draw of some of the cheaper vape pens.

    Filling is easy, with plenty of room to pour in the liquid and the bottom coils seen to keep moist until most of the tank is used. Changing the coils is a simple task too.

    The one thing I didn’t like (although this is personal preference) was the small stainless steel drip tip. This felt too small and was far too cold on the lips. It also gave a slightly metallic flavour to the e-liquids. I’ve swapped this for another drip tip made of delkin for less than £4 and it feels and tastes just right now.

    The thing also looks great and feels great in the hand.

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