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E Lites ReviewE-Lites E-Pro 4 – Top of the Range Starter Kit

E-Lites are without doubt one of the biggest e cigarette brands in the UK. They were one of the first on the scene to make their e cigs easily available on the high street and one of the first to launch a TV ad campaign to promote the brand.

This all sounds great but does the product live up to expectations? Lets take a look with our E-Lites E-Pro 4 review.

E-Lites E-Pro 4 Video Review

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E Lites ReviewThe E Pro 4 packaging looks pretty slick with the  portable charging case on display through the window in the box. Inside you will find the following:

  • PCC (Portable Charging Case)
  • 2 Batteries
  • 5 Cartomisers
  • USB & wall charger

In the box we had the new E-Pro 4 portable charging pack, which is without doubt the star addition. The pack has a soft touch finish and slightly rounded edges which makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket, it also has a digital display on the front that tells you how much battery charge the pack has remaining.

When you flip the lid there is room for one charging battery, a spare battery and two refill cartridges, all of these fit in snugly with no rattling about. The case itself is charged via a USB cable but E-Lites have just released a charging dock (similar to an iPod dock) that sits neatly on your desk. The only downside is that this doesn’t come with the kit, its an extra £19.99 which on top of the £65 kit starts getting expensive. If you feel you need the dock I would recommend getting it at a later date so you at least have a time to decide if this it is something you need.

I would like to see an ‘ultimate starter kit’ that includes everything from the start, obviously at a bundled discount.

Battery/ Responsiveness

E Lites ReviewThere are 2 batteries (one red tip & one green tip) with the E-Pro 4 kit, they have been designed to resemble a normal cigarette with the faux raised rings. It is the same battery that is used for all kits throughout the E-Lites range and has a good quality feel in the hand. New users may notice that the weight makes it difficult to keep the e cig in your mouth when vaping unless of course you bight down.

When it comes to the performance of the battery it is just OK. After the first few charges I was getting a couple of hours vaping time before needing to re-charge. The battery life of course would be a problem for moderate to heavy smokers but this addressed by the introduction of the PCC.


The portable charging case or PCC for short does exactly what it says on the tin. It charges your batteries when you are on the move and away from a static power source. This bit of kit really is essential when using the mini e cig type batteries as they do have a tendency to run out of power at some pretty inconvenient times! This particular PCC has a nice ‘soft touch’ finish, about the same size as a 20 pack of cigarettes and can hold 2 batteries and two cartomisers.

Overall – The battery has a good quality feel in the hand and whilst the actual battery life is just average the PCC acts as a good back up to charge those batteries.


E Lites ReviewAs always flavour is definitely a personal preference. E-Lites have kept the focus on tobacco flavours and have just 3 available, Red (regular), Gold (light) and Menthol.

One strange thing I found is that there is no mention of actual nicotine content, most brands tell you if it is 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strength for example but here it is just displayed as nicotine free, light and regular strength.

I would like to see more flavour options but I can also see that they are trying to keep things as straight forward for new e cig users.

Onto the actual flavours, I personally found their tobacco flavours to be decent. I only tried the Red, regular strength but the flavour was quite authentic.

The real problem for me when it comes to the E-Tips is the amount of time they last for, or more to the point the amount of time E-Lites state they last for. They state that each cartomiser (or E-Tip as they call them) is the equivalent of 40 cigarettes and will last for 400 inhalations. I personally think this is a hard thing to guage but from my experience I wasn’t getting 400 inhalations, I was getting around 120-150. 

At £19.99 for a pack of 5 cartomisers these are also one of the most expensive currently on the market. Average price is usually around the £10 mark. They do of course offer discounts for bulk purchases but still works out more expensive. Another way of looking at this though is that it is still probably cheaper than traditional cigarettes and likely not as threatening to your health.

The vapour volume the E-Tips give off is decent although better results have been produced from the likes of Green Smoke, who has it happens also have a superior flavour.

Overall – The vapour volume and flavour of the Red E-Tips is decent but it was disappointing to see that the E-Tips were not only expensive but didn’t last as long as stated on the E-Lites website.

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Discount Codes

For the latest E-Lites discount code, either click the link or take a look at the top of the page for the voucher.

E-Lites Guarantee/Warranty

E-Lites offer a 7 day return for products in their original/unused condition. There is also a 12 moth warrant but T&C’s apply. See the E-Lites website for all up-to date information.

Bottom Line

There are both good and not so good points when it comes to the E-Lites E Pro 4 kit. The good point are that the product overall has a quality feel, the PCC is a must have for when you are out and about and the Red E-Tip flavour is decent.

What I didn’t really like was that the E-Tips didn’t last as long as stated on the E-Lites website and to add to this they are very expensive when compared to other brands out there. The other thing I found disappointing (although not a major problem) was the lack of flavours available. It would be nice to see them develop a few more flavours to keep things interesting!

If you are new to electronic cigarettes then you won’t go too far wrong with the E-Lites E-Pro4 kit but just be aware of what else is available because there are better options. Take a look at the following for our top rated e cigarettes

Final E-Lites E-Pro4 Review Verdict

E-Lites E-Pro4 Starter Kit: Decent but there are better starter kits available.

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