A Selection Of Our Best E Cigarette & Vape Pen Reviews In The UK

Welcome to Ecighunter, the premier source for reviews of the best e cigarettes and vape pens on offer in the UK.

We have personally tried and tested over 65 electronic cigarette brands so are well placed to help guide you in the right direction in finding the best e cig for your needs. Not all e cigs are created equally and with so many options on the market we know how confusing the choice can be, we were in the same position 5 years ago.

What we first need to do is take a look at what e cigarette starter kit is most likely to help keep you off tobacco cigarettes, that is after all the aim of the vaping game.

To do this you need to answer one question. What kind of e cigarette do you want?

To answer that we will take a look at the different types of e cig starter kits available in the UK today.

Mini E Cig / Cig A Like:

Top Rated Mini E CigsThe first, and likely most familiar to many new vapers, is known as either a mini e cig or ‘cig-a-like’. In terms of looks these are closest to the tobacco cigarette. Mini E Cigs are built in two parts, the battery and cartomiser. The cartomiser is the component that includes the e juice, the atomiser and normally a cotton material that soaks up the e liquid. The atomiser is then heated by the battery which in turn heats the e liquid and produces the vapour. See it’s quite simple!

The main benefit of this type of e cig is that it helps make the switch that little bit easier by keeping things familiar for smokers. Many new vapers opt for these and then further down the line make the step up to vape pens / EGO e cigarettes or more advanced devices.

There are a few drawbacks of mini e cigarettes that you will need to keep in mind. The first is that due to the smaller sized battery the life is generally quite poor when compared to bigger e cigs. Portable charging cases (PCC) can be used to offset this somewhat but if you are a heavy smoker looking to get into vaping then this is something you will want to keep in mind. Constant charging of your battery will get extremely irritating extremely quickly!

Second is that while flavour and vapour can be good it’s still not at the level of using an e cig tank system where you can refill with any e-liquid you choose.

Our Best Choices For E Cigarettes in The UK

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs UKV2 Cigs offer some of the best refill flavours from all of our mini e cigs that are on review, they are superb. To add to that the vapour volume produced is excellent for a cig-a-like.

Again various battery sizes are available and the good thing with the V2 Cigs design is that they are made to be super easy for new vapers just to pick up and vape. The prices are a touch higher but the quality is excellent.

V2 Vapour also offer great flexibility in terms of refillable cartridges and portable charging cases, both of which make the vaping experience much, much better

We also have an exclusive V2 Cigs discount code that will get you a further 10% off any purchase.

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JAC Vapour V1P Starter Kit

Jacvapour Starter Kit - Best Mini E CigaretteYou may notice that we mention Jacvapour e cigs quite a lot on ecighunter. The simple fact of the matter is they have superb products across all levels of e cigs.

The Jacvapour V1P starter kit has been an excellent starting point for thousands of smokers over the last few years. The kit comes with a portable charging case that lets you keep at least one battery on charge at all times when you are on the move. A very helpful accessory to have.

The Jacvapour batteries are available in different capacities, we recommend getting at least one large battery, alongside a smaller one, to add to your kit. We also recommend buying the blank cartomisers so you can fill with bottled e liquid which works out to be a lot cheaper in the long run.

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Which brings us onto;

Vape Pens / EGO E Cigarettes

EGO Electronic Cigarette / E PensAgain known by many names, you may have heard them called EGO’s, Vape Pens, Vaporisers or even 2nd generation e cigarettes.

These are classed by many as being the best starting point with e cigs and the one that is most likely to help smokers stay off the fags in the long term.

There are plenty of battery options with these types of start kit so if you still want a more compact device you can go for a 400 mah battery, if the length of time your battery lasts is more important then you can buy batteries unto and around 1300 mah.

You will also be able to buy variable voltage kits that allow you adjust the power output of the battery which in turn gives you warmer or cooler vape.

To add to the battery life these vape pens also come with a tank or clearomiser. These are the parts that sit on top of the battery where the e-liquid is held. The main benefit here is that not only do you get an unlimited choice of flavours but it can work out considerably cheaper than buying the pre-filled cartomizers that come with the mini e cig.

Our Best Vape Pen Choices

Jacvapour Series E Vape Pen

This is my personal favourite and comes highly recommended. This is a variable voltage battery kit but don’t let the technicalities put you off. It’s incredibly easy to use.

The 1000 mah battery will suite light to heavy vapers and will fit easily into your pocket or bag. So not only is it built well it’s super portable!

There are a few selections in the way of tanks to work with the battery. You can’t go far wrong with either the Aerotank or the Pro Tank. My personal pick is the Aerotank, it produces great flavour and tonnes of vapour.Jacvapour Series E Pen - Best E Pen Uk

Again be sure to use our exclusive Jacvapour voucher code for 15% off. The Code is ECIGCLICK15.

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JAC Vapour 510 Starter Kit

This starter kit from Jacvapour is perfect for new users or those making a step up from cig-a-likes, all you need to do is purchase e liquid and this kit has everything you need to start.

There are a number of battery sizes of which can be bought separately so if you want to vape with a bigger 1300 mah battery at home and take the smaller, more compact 400 Mah battery out then this is possible.

The tanks can take a little getting used to due to the coils being replaceable but you will pick this up in no time.Jacvapour 510 EGO E Cigarette

Buy the 510 here. Use ECIGCLICK15 for 15% discount off all JAC Vapour products.

V2 Pro Series 3

The V2 Cigs pro Series 3 a slightly different beast than the above vape pen e cigarettes. This is classed more as a vaporiser and is capable of being used not only with e liquid but also dry herbs, wax and oils.

Depending what you want to use you will need a different tank, the battery is clever though and recognises the various tanks and alters it’s performance accordingly.

While the capacity of the tank is small it is one of the most user friendly out there. It has a magnetic base that simply slots on to the battery making removal simple as you like.V2 Pro Series 3 - Best vaporiser

The only slight downside to this kit is the price. The good news is we have a V2 Cigs discount code that will save you 10% site-wide. Be sure to click through and take advantage of this offer to make for a cheaper e cig purchase.

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